David Griffith



My name is David Griffith.  I am 58 years old.  I live in Glasgow, Scotland, although I am really an ex-pat Englishman!

I am a doctor in general practice and have worked in Scotland since 1995, when I got fed up with working in England.

I am married, with no children, but currently two cats.  One of them nearly got strangled last week, when I discovered she had totally dismasted four of my best models!

I started modelling when I was about 7 years old, with ordinary Airfix kits.  I then went through a Historex figure stage in my late teens and at university.  I scratchbuilt a couple of farm waggons when was in my twenties.  I have concentrated almost exclusively on ships since about 2000.  I still also do some figures, and have recently tried my hand at flat zinnfiguren.

I have won a number of trophies and awards at shows in Britain, and also in America.  (I would probably have won many more if Jim Baumann wasn’t so damned good!  But I’m not complaining!!)

I had a book published in 2009, «Ship Models From Kits, Basic and Advanced Techniques for Small Scales.»  I am expecting to have a second one coming out towards the end of this year, on ship dioramas.

David Griffith

«For scientific leadership give me Scott, for swift and efficient travel, Amundsen; but when you are in a hopeless situation, where there seems no way out, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton.»